Pleased to meet you ….

I am a writer with a passion for the customer’s journey within the hospitality industry.  I investigate and question concepts (e.g. F&B, C&B, interior design, personnel visibility …) in terms of their efficiency towards service & workflow.

Sugar-coating a story is not my cup of tea. 

My style of writing combines a strong opinion, with a fair share of honesty (The European way), while adding colour aka metaphors to my language.

From 3 angles I approach every international hospitality brand:

1. as The Reviewer (Columnist)
2. The Average Guest and,
3. The Highly Qualified (experience in blue and white collared jobs)

For every (inter)national hospitality brand, I capture their unique look & feel in words.
My key motivation for writing is giving back – as I am thankful for everything that I have received so far!


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